#14 – Brexit

Wednesday 17th May 2017

“One of the main reasons to vote for me on 8th June is because Lagan Valley needs a strong voice at Westminster to negotiate on Brexit. Brexit is the biggest political topic to affect Northern Ireland over the past 30 years. It will affect each and every one of us. Today, we have the ridiculous from some people who are hell-bent on achieving a second referendum. Similarly, in the opposing camp, we have those who are hell-bent on achieving Brexit at any cost with no thought-out strategies – and that’s just not me. Whilst I was a ‘Remainer’, I’m also a democrat.

The UK people voted for Brexit, Article 50 has been triggered and that’s the direction of we are going in. But the work hasn’t been completed and the negotiations are only just started. I know that Brexit will be difficult, but it will also provide opportunities. That’s why you need a strong voice at Westminster and you need representation from politicians and parties who have been working on Brexit strategies. The UUP was the only party that produced a position paper and ideas on the way forward to get the best deal for you in these negotiations. On 8th June, vote Robbie Butler X and let me be that strong voice in those negotiation.”