#06 – Better Mental Health Funding for NI

Monday 8th May 2017

“In Northern Ireland we have some of the poorest levels of mental health globally; a lot of it is attributed to the Troubles and their legacy, as well as trans-generational issues that are handed down from parent to child. The World Health Organisation has produced the startling fact that in 13 years’ time, in 2030, mental health and depression will be the leading disease. The challenge to me as your MP would be – what will we do to change these figures? As your MP, I will ask for ring-fenced funding which will have no consequence for the block grant so that we can develop a leading, world-class trauma care centre in Lisburn. This will not only see mental health given the platform, services and support that it demands, but will also see Northern Ireland revolutionise this startlingly bad statistic. I ask you to vote Robbie Butler X on 8th June and make this centre a reality.”