Not the right time for an election

Tuesday 10th January 2017


Not the right time for an election

The recent resignation from the deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness is likely to lead to an election in the coming weeks.

Robbie Butler MLA, who sits on the Public Accounts Committee in Stormont, has criticised the move as premature:

“The Public Accounts Committee has been investigating the RHI scheme fiasco for several months. As a committee member I have not commented publicly so far on the matter as I felt that a fair investigation was the best way forward for the people of Northern Ireland.”

“We were on the cusp of bringing the First Minster, Arlene Foster, before the Committee to face serious questioning, however this will no longer happen”.

“If the Assembly dissolves for an election now, we will be left with no plan for tackling RHI, no budget passed and no programme for Government.

“The timetable for any fresh election is at the discretion of the Secretary of State. I implore him to do what he can to establish a full inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005 before an election is called, otherwise the truth will be buried.”

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